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By Grant Norsworthy

How does an artist maintain an understanding of who they are in Christ and how to use their gifts and talents to glorify God? Is finding the right balance in our “ministry” the answer?

I discussed these questions in a recent interview with legendary Nashville artist manager Mike Smith.

I have learned to embrace paradox. I’m learning to fall into the mystery of who God is by embracing the apparently opposing extremes – or paradoxical aspects – of his character.

“We are worshiping a paradoxical God. We are not trying to find the right balance point, the right place on the continuum to place our relationship with God. We are actually realizing that God is bigger than finding a balance.”

“If I use my intellect, I can’t figure Him out.”

“Is God a God of love? Or is He a harsh God of judgment?
– He is both.

Jesus – Lion, or Lamb?
– Both

Servant or a King?
– Both”

“We are worshiping a paradoxical God”

Balance? I don’t struggle and drive to find balance. I’m aiming for obedience.

Watch this 2 min 32 sec vlog here.

This video excerpt was recorded as part of Mike’s online artist management course.
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