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Grant Norsworthy is not a singer who talks too much. He’s a speaker who loves to sing songs! But with his vast musical experience and award-winning abilities, Grant frequently utilizes music as an open invitation to dig more deeply into the spoken message.

As a soloist with acoustic guitar, accompanied by his band of pro instrumentalists or backed by a local ensemble of volunteer musicians, music will most likely form part of what Grant contributes to any event.

As a member of top Contemporary Christian Music bands PC3 (Paul Colman Trio) and Sonicflood, as a session/touring bassist and as a solo artist, Grant has achieved significant success as a musician, including a Grammy® nomination and a Dove Award.

PC3 (Bassist/Backing vocals)
Sonicflood (Bassist/Backing vocals)
Grant Norsworthy leading praise
Artist/Soloist/Leader of worship through songs

In addition to producing his own recordings and co-producing PC3’s more recent releases with his bandmates, Grant also takes on a very small number of other production projects.

Unlike most full-time music producers, Grant is unencumbered by the necessity to churn out a high number of recordings each year to keep the lights on. By contrast, Grant’s small number of production projects are carefully selected and quite rare. And that’s the way he likes it!

The process is highly relational and usually incorporates elements of artist development, co-writing, coaching and discipleship. Grant most definitely sees production opportunities as a chance to grow and mature each individual artist holistically rather than focusing solely on making an excellent sound recording.

During 2020’s pandemic lockdown, Grant took on the task of producing “The Blessing | Aotearoa/New Zealand” song and video. Released in August of that year, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Watch it here:


Have a listen to a couple of songs below that Grant produced for The Band Apollo.


Resident Alien, Grant’s debut solo album, was self-produced & recorded at Tone Grown Studio in Nashville TN. It is filled with lush riffs, infectious grooves and soulful lyrics.

The album features live favorites “Jesus Loves Me (I Need More)”, “Rwanda”, “My Declaration”, and Grant’s arrangement of the well-loved hymn “Be Thou My Vision” which includes an original verse – and more.

In this blog article Grant shares the inspiration behind the album title “Resident Alien.”

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