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By Grant Norsworthy

We discussed in a previous vlog that external success is not a sign that God is blessing us and that we should seek significance in an eternal sense rather than success in a business sense. The pressure to “succeed” – in our studies, career, financially or any other earth-bound pursuit – can be enormous. But succumbing to that pressure to succeed in outwardly obvious “worldly” ways as our main purpose in life can be a distraction from our real purpose.

However, does our pursuit of eternal significance have any impact on our personal goals, business practices or our character development? I believe it can and does. Focusing our life’s energies on eternal goals should never be used as an excuse to be unintentional, overly-serendipitous or even lazy. I believe that quite the opposite should occur. When we focus on God’s Kingdom, those things that are Godly, true and worthwhile in our day-to-day lives become more important, not less.

I discussed this topic in a recent interview with legendary Nashville artist manager Mike Smith.

“Paradoxically, we will be very disciplined in our business practices and our self-improvement as a response to our striving for significance.”

It’s a very short video this week and our last one in this series! Watch the 37 sec vlog here.

This video excerpt was recorded as part of Mike’s online artist management course.

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For a deeper look into this topic, please check out my “Pursuing Success or Significance VLOG” from September 29th..

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