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“Grant Norsworthy is well-organized, hard-working, has clear vision, excellent communication, is very encouraging and always focused on building authentic, mentoring relationships with those involved in the project.”

Jon Truman Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Grant was professional, patient, and kind-spirited but very challenging.”

Will Stevens Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“We benefited greatly not only from Grant’s knowledge, skill, and experience, but also from his humble spirit and his Godly attitude. We definitely plan on having More Than Music Mentor return to train us again in the near future.”

Pastor Travis Armstrong Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Long after Grant’s talk, we continue to get comments on how Grant’s demonstration sparked a real change in thinking for many of our attendees. [And] his actions off stage throughout the week displayed a priceless authenticity to the critical message he shared onstage.”

Ted Bruun Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“I’ve been to loads of worship events and conferences and Grant Norsworthy’s session was by far the best breakout class I’ve attended. Fun, informative, and extremely relevant for conversations across all denominational lines, Grant’s teaching engages both heart and mind.”

Jonathan Mason Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“I have been produced by Grant as a member of The Band Apollo and as a hired studio musician. I rate him highly as a producer and leader.”

Jon Truman Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Grant is the real deal—an excellent musician and a faithful husband and father. He has given me priceless, candid feedback on my music and our conversations always leave me hopeful and eager to continue challenging myself. I owe much to Grant and count him as a friend and mentor for life.”

“Grant has Godly wisdom and insight that any musician would find key to their growth. Even as a hip-hop artist I’ve found Grant to be an excellent mentor for much more than music.”

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