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“It was a breath of fresh air…. would definitely want him back.”

Church Unlimited Anonymous attendee

“Grant’s a passionate dude and some of it kinda rubbed off on me, haha! I realised that I’ve got lots to learn.”

Church Unlimited Anonymous attendee

“Definitely would like another session! In the few hours, I have gained so much insight.”

Church Unlimited Anonymous attendee

“I am truly touched by Grant’s humility and passion to lead people towards true worship.”

Anjie Silva Grant Norsworthy Testimonial

“Grant simply, genuinely, and authentically brings the best out of each individual he coaches.”

Anjie Silva Grant Norsworthy Testimonial

“Grant’s ability to clearly communicate the goal of worship on Sundays and the simple steps of how to get there was a blessing for our worship team. I would recommend a workshop with Grant for any worship team.”

Phil Parkes Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“A standout thought to me from Grant’s teaching was the need for our musicians to make ‘small musical sacrifices’ to prioritise the ‘higher joy’ of seeing our people more fully engaged in worship.”

Testimonial Glen Fraser Thrive Church

“Grant challenged our church in such a way that neither discouraged nor coddled, but rather in an uplifting ‘Come on, let’s do better together!’ manner that really uplifted us.”

Leslie Scott

“Grant was exceptional at speaking to the different aspects of our church – not only to the technical choices of the music team, but to the hearts of the congregation as well.”

Leslie Scott

“I am thankful to Grant for speaking God’s truth and for modeling a radical commitment to Christ.”

Dr. Ken E. Read Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Grant brings together a wealth of biblical and practical wisdom that can help churches and leaders find their way through the fog of issues surrounding worship, music and performance on Sundays.”

Reuben Munn Grant Norsworthy Testimonial

“This experience has left a lasting impact on my spirit, and I am sure the same is true for many others also.”

Richard Cheeseman testimonial Grant Norsworthy
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