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“I have a tremendous appreciation for Grant’s passion and dedication to a comprehensive, Biblical understanding of worship.  I admire his commitment to educate and empower others to operate in Christian music ministry with excellence.”

“He brought a very unique approach that was both memorable and lasting. He impacted our lives through the life of worship that he lives. His messages were truly some of the most talked about and impactful of Spirit Conference.”

“Grant did an exceptional job sharing relevant Biblical application to worship, both from a personal and corporate perspective. He is gifted as a clear communicator who will help your church navigate through the complex issues of worship style and musical conflict.”

“You r fricking amazing dude! Btw I loved ur singing voice [and] u were an amazing speaker to have!!”

“In my thirty-five years as a pastor, I have seen a lot of folks come through and do their thing with congregations and my sense has been that, for many, it is just something they do to get by. Thankfully, that was not the case with Grant Norsworthy. His humble spirit and attentiveness to God in his life was refreshing, challenging and encouraging.”

“I can’t think of another speaker that has impacted me as much as Grant has in the last few years.  I would recommend him heartily.  What he says may move you out of a comfort zone, but you will be the better for it.”

“In twenty-five years of working with teens I have seen all manner of youth presenters. From my experience I can confidently say that Grant Norsworthy is one of the best around. He has a unique and canny way of being, real, relevant and relatable. “

“Grant is funny, relatable and our Celebrate Recovery participants and leaders really enjoyed having him. Through fabulous music and message Grant wove his testimony of radical healing from addiction through God’s amazing grace and unconditional love.”

“Grant is a true and passionate follower of Jesus … a man of integrity, honesty and has a genuine passion for God … a seasoned musician and a very compelling speaker, singer and songwriter … . His desire is to lift up the name of Jesus through song and spoken word and encourage people to worship God in the truest possible way.”

“Listening to Grant’s ministry, one thing that quickly comes into focus is his love for Christ and his passion to see others come to know Him in a truly life-transforming way. He is genuine, honest about his own shortcomings, and in every way seeking to bring glory to God.”

“We were blown away by his sincere, compelling, and engaging testimony. Besides being eloquent and concise, he really brought the heart of God into what he did. He certainly has a great ability to captivate an audience, communicate a message, and bless those he encounters.”

“Whether on the world stage or in a quiet conversation, Grant is the same humble person who loves God and longs to see the world changed by His power.”

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