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“Event planners need to know whether a communicator has what it takes to hold an audience. Do they have that rare combination of passion, content and ability to capture their attention? They may even ask if the message they share from stage is being lived out in daily life. Whether through spoken word or a song, my friend Grant will exceed your expectations in all these areas. I know he’s exceeded mine.”

Bob Lenz Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“When the heart, mind, body and soul are connected by the spirit, holy things start happening. Grants humble heart and seasoned and highly regarded experience, always ushers in the presence of God through his teaching, songwriting, and worship.”

Beth Vinton Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Attendee feedback from Grant’s teaching sessions include ‘outstanding’, ‘amazing’, ‘exuding love’, and ‘anointed’. The influence he brought to WFX will surely have attendees looking forward to gleaning from his talents at future WFX conferences.”

Beth Vinton Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Grant has the unique and rare ability as a communicator, to make audiences want to lean in to hear him. He masterfully paints pictures using stories and illustrations that stir the heart and conscience. Grant also has great insight and prophetic passion that will provoke and inspire any audience to love and good works.”

Stacey Foster Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“He was great. Super solid, practical and super grounded.”

“As Grant led, I watched the atmosphere begin to change in front of me. It was beautiful to see a group of people who were somewhat closed off open up and become One Body.”

Angelo Gonzales Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Grant quickly engaged and connected to the group in a very profound and effective way all while using a humble and simple approach that is very much his own. It was authentic, insightful, comprehensive, brilliant, and very moving.”

Angelo Gonzales Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Grant Norsworthy is an incredible communicator who has a unique ability to combine excellent speaking with heart-felt music. These abilities – coupled with his powerful, solid theology – make him a valuable addition for any event. I also appreciate his candor, compassion for God’s Word and his heart for ‘the least of these’.”

Ryan O'Quinn Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“BRILLIANT! Exceptionally compelling and effective, and a guy who was very user-friendly to work with. I am personally grateful for Grant realigning, in my own mind, what is required to offer worship that is acceptable to God.”

Andrew Robinson Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Grant’s ability to communicate the stories of Compassion’s children and our theological mandate to serve the poor has resulted in thousands of children and sponsors being connected.  Compassion International is grateful for the ministry of Grant Norsworthy.”

Brian Seay Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Grant Norsworthy presented strongly and powerfully through ‘word & song’ at our Senior Youth Gathering. Listening to Grant – his spoken messages, his songs, and by him just being real with us – helped me and the students be more real before God ourselves. I left the event completely renewed in my faith.”

“I have heard Grant Norsworthy speak on multiple occasions and each time I found myself profoundly challenged and encouraged. Grant carries passion and conviction into each topic, calling us all to hear God’s standard, not the American church standard. I have been refreshed and my students stirred. I am thankful to Grant for speaking God’s truth and for modeling a radical commitment to Christ.”

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