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By Grant Norsworthy

Watch this short video. To understand the thought process behind the training video, read the blog post below it.

The audio tech is the greatest resource for any group of Church musicians who aim to craft a sound that engages a congregation and invites them to worship God through songs.

But if you speak with just about any audio technician operating sound in a Church service environment anywhere, you can be quite certain that they feel under communicated with – maybe even disregarded – by the instrumentalists and singers on the platform that they are required to mix.

This should not be so.

When the audio technician possesses the most objective pair of ears in the room – and the only pair of ears in the best physical position to asses what the congregation will be hearing – the musicians on the platform and audio technician must communicate more and more effectively.

In this instructional video for Church musicians, Grant Norsworthy speaks with sound engineer David Lim about the need for frequent, intentional communication between the musicians and the sound technician. Grant makes the point that musicians need to be willing to submit to the objective ear (and opinion) of the audio tech.

Watch Video#22 – Band/Audio Tech Communication again.

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