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“The difference before and after Grant’s coaching is ‘chalk and cheese’. Our music team has been given real insight into the higher standard that is possible as we work to create a sound that encourages worship in our church.”

“We were left with a greater vision for our worship ministry, as well as some very concrete practical steps we were ready to take in the following months.”

Elisabeth Cammell Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Since the workshop, positive feedback has been flooding in about the music and how much more engaged people feel.”

Morgan Moore Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“We went from having a congregation that was just listening to the worship set to one that is fully engaged, singing and connecting to what we are saying about God. It’s so great to hear everyone singing!”

Jim Woodcock Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Our music/tech team is now at an entirely new level due to Grant’s encouragement.”

Erick Brookins Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Every worship team can benefit from Grant’s workshop. I truly believe that he brings people back to the heart and essence of what worship should be in the church. Sure, every church is different. However, his concepts and methodology bring a healthy unity to the whole team and the congregation.”

Nelson Vega Jr Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Having our instrumentalists and singers use Grant’s techniques paid off instantly! Our congregations were engaged and participating more than ever.”

Rich Bresenhan Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“I absolutely loved having Grant work with our student worship team. With visual illustrations, practical advice and a biblical foundation, he connected with our students immediately. I can already tell this will benefit our team for months to come.”

Josh Waugh Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Having Grant come to our church to give a workshop gave the benefits of taking our entire team to a big conference! Everyone was immediately on board.”

Will Stevens Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“I was very impressed with the quality of Grant’s teaching and his ability to immediately engage and captivate the audience.  I would expect that kind of quality at a top notch worship conference, but Grant came to us!”

Troy Hedspeth Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“We benefited greatly not only from Grant’s knowledge, skill, and experience, but also from his humble spirit and his Godly attitude. We definitely plan on having More Than Music Mentor return to train us again in the near future.”

Pastor Travis Armstrong Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“I love what Grant’s doing with More Than Music Mentor. This is extremely important stuff for ‘worship teams’ everywhere.”

Tom Jackson Testimonial Grant Norsworthy
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