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“If you want to grow your musicians and singers, Grant can really help. He does not dictate, but instead works to come along side and partner with people in the local church. I appreciated his content, his approach, his authenticity, and his humility.”

David Tweed Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Praise God for the gift of music! Grant gave the team a very solid biblical teaching on the definition of worship, and how to work in unity to lead our congregation to worship through music.  We hope that Grant can give us some more coaching in the near future!”

“Grant helped our team have a common language and goals. The feedback from the music leaders, music teams and the congregation is great. People are really singing!”

Clive McArthur Grant Norsworthy Testimonial

“We really enjoyed having Grant from More Than Music Mentor with us and would love to have him back again.”

Penny Tasi Grant Norsworthy testimonial

“It was a breath of fresh air…. would definitely want him back.”

Church Unlimited Anonymous attendee
“He is soooo cool. His word of encouragement and training today was incredible. I loved it & it has answered a lot of questions & struggles of what worship is for me.”

“Grant’s a passionate dude and some of it kinda rubbed off on me, haha! I realised that I’ve got lots to learn.”

Church Unlimited Anonymous attendee

“Definitely would like another session! In the few hours, I have gained so much insight.”

Church Unlimited Anonymous attendee

“Grant is a great AND fun teacher. He was able to come into our music team and clear off the cobwebs and open our eyes to some fresh new ideas. We noticed immediate improvements the following Sunday!”

Josh Hurricks testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Grant is a great teacher, leader and person. He has a passion for worship and shares his passion with God’s people through his More Than Music Mentor ministry.”

Chance Ria testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Grant was able to pinpoint specific areas where each of our team members could improve. Some found this direct approach to be quite challenging, but – after taking his advice on board – those were the ones who made the biggest improvement and valued the time with Grant the most.”

Phil Parkes Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Still Grant’s words are ringing in my ears! Such an inspiring message. I was challenged to recognise what true worship is… and the way I express worship is never gonna be same again.”

Anjie Silva Grant Norsworthy Testimonial
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