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“Every worship team can benefit from Grant’s workshop. I truly believe that he brings people back to the heart and essence of what worship should be in the church. Sure, every church is different. However, his concepts and methodology bring a healthy unity to the whole team and the congregation.”

Nelson Vega Jr Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Having our instrumentalists and singers use Grant’s techniques paid off instantly! Our congregations were engaged and participating more than ever.”

Rich Bresenhan Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“I absolutely loved having Grant work with our student worship team. With visual illustrations, practical advice and a biblical foundation, he connected with our students immediately. I can already tell this will benefit our team for months to come.”

Josh Waugh Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Having Grant come to our church to give a workshop gave the benefits of taking our entire team to a big conference! Everyone was immediately on board.”

Will Stevens Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“I was very impressed with the quality of Grant’s teaching and his ability to immediately engage and captivate the audience.  I would expect that kind of quality at a top notch worship conference, but Grant came to us!”

Troy Hedspeth Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“We benefited greatly not only from Grant’s knowledge, skill, and experience, but also from his humble spirit and his Godly attitude. We definitely plan on having More Than Music Mentor return to train us again in the near future.”

Pastor Travis Armstrong Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“I love what Grant’s doing with More Than Music Mentor. This is extremely important stuff for ‘worship teams’ everywhere.”

Tom Jackson Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Long after Grant’s talk, we continue to get comments on how Grant’s demonstration sparked a real change in thinking for many of our attendees. [And] his actions off stage throughout the week displayed a priceless authenticity to the critical message he shared onstage.”

Ted Bruun Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Our [music] team had the privilege of spending a couple of hours one evening with Grant, and the payoff was tenfold! … I strongly encourage anyone who is looking to strengthen their team to consider bringing in Grant for a weekend or even just a few hours.”

Ryan Shipp Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Awesome… This dude is like the worship whisperer!”

Sharrett Henderson Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“Grant Norsworthy is exceptionally gifted both as a practitioner and a teacher of the worshiping arts. As a longtime artist and worship leader myself, he has my highest recommendation.”

Rob Frazier Testimonial Grant Norsworthy

“I always learn so much from watching Grant lead.  God has richly blessed him with the gift to draw people to God and to make musicians want to be better. Grant’s attention to detail and attentiveness to what the Spirit is doing in the room is awesome.”

Paul Mueller Testimonial Grant Norsworthy
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