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By Grant Norsworthy

With the worship of God – where does the rubber really hit the road? What does worship really look like? Singing songs to God on a Sunday morning? Making music to God about His love for us? Declaring our love for Him?

In a recent interview with legendary Nashville artist manager Mike Smith, we explored what it means to worship God, as part of Mike’s online artists management course.

“While I was with SONICFLOOd, one night, during an intimate moment of singing ‘I Could Sing of Your Love Forever’ with the audience, I heard these words:
‘I never asked you to sing OF my love, Grant. I asked you to BE my love.'”

“Let’s recognize this: Nowhere in the recorded words of Jesus – the one we claim to follow – does he ever ask us to sing to him. But over and over, he asks us to actually BE his love – to one another, to our neighbors, to our enemies – and to the least of these.”

“The real ‘rubber-hits-the-road’ of worship is how we treat the least of these – the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the sick, the lonely, and the imprisoned.”

Watch my (3 min 01 sec) vlog here.

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